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Types of Anodizing

Most modern firearms today use parts made of aluminum. The most common is the U.S. military M16 and all other civilian versions. Anodizing can be found on most military weapon systems, components, tactical rifles, pistols, shotguns, and accessories made of aluminum.

Type II - Standard Anodizing - MIL-A-8625

This application produces a porous aluminum oxide film, that is hard, resistant to wear, and allows for greater penetration of dyes. This type of anodizing is more common, and prefer for applications requiring lighter colors.

here to see color samples.

Type III
Hard Anodizing - MIL-A-8625
This application is similar to the Type II anodizing, but the film of aluminum oxide is produced at much higher voltage and cooler temperatures. The result is a film that is greater in thickness, harder, smoother, and it is more wear and corrosion resistant than the Type II anodizing.

here to see color samples.

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