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Posting 4/1/2022

We regret that we are not able to process individual work at this time, hopefully later this year we will be able to do so. 

Contract and Production work running on Schedule.

Please do not send us any parts without prior approval.

Thank you

NFA Transferable M16 Services:

- Re-Anodizing (Type III). Colt Gray or New Black.
- Receiver Repairs: Out of Spec or Damaged Lower, Worn or Enlarged Holes.
- Small Pin (SP1) Conversion, Bushing/Plug, Welding, Machining, and Hardening.
- Gunsmith Work, New Parts Installation.
- Restoration per Factory (NIB) Condition, Anodizing, Phosphate and Dry Film Lubricant Coatings.

* Please do not paint a valuable 20k receiver with a Ceramic Paint. See Warning below.

Please email victor@usanodizing.com for more information and pricing.


Please do not let anyone blast or chemically remove your factory anodizing to replace it with a Ceramic coating. If you get a receiver/frame done by a Ceramic/Coating vendor, make sure they do not remove (blast) the factory anodizing. If this is done, it is almost impossible to go back to anodizing. Improper removal of the factory anodize film can result in a loss of dimension. This loss of dimension will be covered up by the thick epoxy paint. It may look and fit fine when you get it back from coating, but be warned. Under that thick paint, the base aluminum may be worn beyond acceptable tolerances.

No Ceramic coating is harder than Type III Hardcoat Anodizing. Try running a steel file over a Ceramic coated flat surface, the coating will just rub off. Do the same tests with our MIL-A-8625F Type III anodize film and the file will just skip and glide on top of the film. Do it over and over without damaging the base aluminum. That is how Type III anodize film is tested by DOD for abrasion. Do you still want to trade your factory Type III anodize film for a Ceramic coating? I do not think so! 

Our service quality is worth the wait, do not settle for less!

For technical, production pricing, or status checks please contact: victor@usanodizing.com

Email your questions to: info@usanodizing.com

Please send all shipments and payments to:

US Anodizing, Inc.
15403 Covey Circle
Amissville, VA 20106

(540) 937-2801 Main Office

We are a 07 FFL / 02 SOT licensed manufacture.


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